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    • For professionals
      To create or update your professional profile, so that you can find work

    • For clients
      To find qualified professionals for your projects

    • For recommenders (anybody can be a recommender)
      To find the profiles of the professionals that you want to recommend

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    • For professionals
      To express interest in working on projects

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      To create projects, and let peer and expert recommenders help you select the best professionals for your projects

    • For recommenders (anybody can be a recommender)
      To recommend professionals for projects

    • All for free!


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    • For recommenders (anybody can be a recommender)
      To recommend professionals for projects, and potentially be rewarded with bitcoins

    • Earn bitcoins

      All for free!

  • Prospective Clients

    In need of the best lawyer for your particular matter, the best accountant to help with your books, the best financier to help with a deal, the best software developer to help build your product, or the best service provider for another business or technical project? Post your project on our online marketplace and let our community of recommenders help you select the best expert(s) for your particular project--for free.

  • Expert Service Providers

    Are you an attorney, doctor, engineer, consultant, or other service provider who is considered an expert in a particular field? Post your profile on our online marketplace to find work with new clients--for free. Also, encourage your past clients and your peers to recommend you for projects on our online marketplace.

  • Recommenders

    Have you ever hired or worked with an outstanding law firm or lawyer, accounting firm or accountant, consulting firm or consultant, engineering firm or engineer, or other exceptional professional services firm or professional? Recommend that service provider for a project on our online marketplace. The best recommenders will receive bitcoins.

Why ProfectMarket

ProfectMarket is a new professional services marketplace that uses a different approach to connect qualified professionals with work. ProfectMarket's proprietary approach uses crowdsourcing (powered by Bitcoin rewards) to supercharge the traditional, trusted personal referral method of finding highly-skilled service providers.

ProfectMarket was founded on the belief that open networks are best, but that the eBay model does not work well for professional services because professionals, unlike products, are not fungible. That is, a potential client is interested in the level of service that a service provider will provide on the client's particular project, and not just the cost for the services rendered. As a result, a different, better approach was needed to connect clients with experts.

ProfectMarket is used by partners and other principals in firms and businesses, as well as independent professionals, to find work on projects with prospective clients.

ProfectMarket is 100% free for all users. ProfectMarket does not charge any fees or commissions.

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